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Welcome, AIoT / IoT Weekly Readers - this is issue 154 and we are thrilled to have you here. Thank you for reading our newsletter and for spreading the word.

I'm fired up for where all of these exciting technology trends in the area of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence is going! If you recall from the last issue, I was on a series of panels for Startup Week. It was awesome and they were all live-streamed fro archival, but the organizers are busy pulling the content together this week. Once they share it with me, I'll be sure to share a link to the archives pages so you can watch everything that was covered around Smart Cities, IoT, AI and Podcasting.

Additionally, Lab651 won a Startup Award this year as the "Corporate Champion Award" which was to recognize enterprise intrapreneurs driving innovation, collaboration, and support for Minnesota’s startup ecosystem. It was such an amazing honor to accept the award and be on stage in front of my peers celebrating the work that our team has been doing through the pandemic.

Finally, if you are receiving this newsletter, you are just 24 hours away from attending the Applied AI October meetup! We will be talking all about NLP Transformers on Large Documents and would love to have you join us to learn about how Machine Learning is being applied to text.

One note regarding sponsorship, as I've been asked before. Getting good talented employees and consultants who know IoT and AI can be hard. Please consider sponsoring an issue of this publication to instantly reach thousands of readers with a hugely diverse background in AI/IoT and AIoT. Contact me or use the form online to receive more information!

I hope you enjoy this issue and continue to join me in this journey of exploring and leveraging the power of the Internet of Things and Machine Learning. Enjoy!

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