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Greeting AIoT / IoT Weekly Readers!

It's been a busy few weeks since the last issue, but as you'll see, interest is only picking up steam in the area of where Artificial Intelligence meets the Internet of Things. You'll find this issue has a number of great resources that I have curated covering current news, business trends, and hardware on IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

Also, if you haven't heard, next week is Twin Cities Startup Week. For those focused on technology and living in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul area of Minnesota, this is where we all get to be geeks for a week. I'll be a part of leading a number of sessions on Smart Cities, IoT/ML, Entrepreneurship and Podcasting. Check out my session lineup!. Events will be in-person, but also virtual so check it out!

Speaking of podcasts, I have just released the latest podcast episode on The Impact of AI on Patents and Intellectual Property. Please take a listen or checkout all the episodes.

One note regarding sponsorship as I've been asked before. Getting good talented employees and consultants who know IoT and AI can be hard. Please consider sponsoring an issue of this publication to instantly reach thousands of readers with a hugely diverse background in AI/IoT and AIoT. Contact me or use the form online to receive more information!

Finally, I hope you enjoy this issue and continue to join me in this journey of exploring and leveraging the power of the Internet of Things and Machine Learning. Enjoy!

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