Justin GrammensJustin Grammens

Welcome Applied AI Weekly Readers! I'm excited to share with you some of the most interesting articles I've found this past week on Artificial Intelligence. This was yet another exciting week in the world of AI. But first...

  • The Spring 2024 Applied AI Conference has been announced on May 10th! Use THIS LINK to register today and receive a 20% discount code from Applied AI Weekly.
  • My slides from the CodeFreeze conference I spoke at are public! If you are interested in learning more about how to bring Large Language Models into your business, please reach out and setup a time to discuss.
  • I will be doing a very large IN-PERSON event with Club-E on Everying AI: Q&A on February 8th. Please register and join us! The events by Club-E are fabulous. I look forward to seeing you there and answering all of your questions on Artificial Intelligence.

Now that we have that covered, I hope you find value in the articles that I have spent time finding and curating for you. Enjoy!

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