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Welcome Applied AI Weekly Readers! I'm excited to share with you some of the most interesting articles I've found this past week on Artificial Intelligence.

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OK. On with the issue. Here's a quick summary of the articles before we dive in!

In one article, discussions surround the different perspectives on the advancing capabilities and integration of AI technologies like ChatGPT in our daily lives. Kantian philosophy is invoked to examine the fundamental distinctions between human and artificial cognition, suggesting a lack of real threat from AI.

Meanwhile, user trends hint at a possible decline in ChatGPT's hype, although new features like customized training through APIs and enterprise-level offerings are being launched to maintain its momentum. The 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle highlights several trends poised to influence the business and societal landscapes significantly. There's also a growing public apprehension regarding AI's pervasive role in daily life, emphasizing a 14% spike in concern since late 2022.

In other updates, Sundar Pichai reflects on Google's journey over 25 years, emphasizing its evolving role in the AI sector, while new tools like SynthID emerge to watermark AI-generated images and ensure authenticity.

Lastly, a glimpse into future AI developments suggests the advent of energy-efficient, physics-based self-learning machines, potentially revolutionizing the existing frameworks of artificial neural networks.

Enjoy this issue! And be sure to reach out if you wish to learn how AI can help your business.

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