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Greetings Readers!

Well, it's time and I finally made the move. If you were not aware I have been publishing under IoT Weekly News for 9 years .. yes it has been THAT LONG .. the first issue was published on September 17th, 2014!

Even if you haven't been a subscriber for that length of time and just joined recently, you might have noticed that the articles have tended to be less and less about the Internet of Things (IoT) and more and more about Artificial Intelligence. So, as of this issue and all others going forward, the title and the focus will be on Artificial Intelligence first and specifically, the Applications of AI. This is important for a number of reasons.

  • AI is literally everywhere - It can be applied to IoT, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, and everything in between.
  • AI is the manifestation of Industry 4.0 - it's the next evolution of IoT and "Big Data".
  • AI is a great technology to learn - It's already around us in our homes and offices and, unlike IoT, it has already crossed the chasm. Especially with ChatGPT, being the "killer app" that allowed anyone to start conversational AI.

For those that are still deep into IoT, fear not! There will continue to be a whole slew of articles that include aspects of IoT as that continues to be the way AI will "sense and feel" the physical world.

Finally, and probably the most relevant is that I am the co-founder of a 501(c)(3) called Applied AI. Our organization does podcasts, conferences, meetups, videos, workshops, and other programs in the area of AI. We have a monthly newsletter on our events and discovered a weekly newsletter was something our members said they would enjoy. So it's a win/win!

Thank you for continuing to subscribe and I hope that I can continue to bring value to you for the next 9 years as we explore the real-world application of Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact our lives and our businesses!

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