Justin GrammensJustin Grammens

Welcome Artificial Intelligence and IoT Weekly News Readers! Hope you all have been well and having a great summer.

First, I've got some great news! Our Applied AI group is launching our first ever full-day conference on applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Nov 4th, 2022. As an IoT Weekly News Subscriber, you are entitled to a 50% discount. Just use the discount coupon of iotweeklynews upon checkout. This is an in-person conference with some of the largest names and companies applying AI&ML to business challenges today. We have limited seating so buy your ticket today!

In other news with me, this summer, I've been busy with my workload at my businesses and life, course development with the University of Saint Thomas and speaking at a number of conferences, here and here. I'm also teaching a new graduate course on Machince Learning and IoT which I'm super excited about. Oh, and my Artificial Intelligence Podcast continues to grow!

Please reach out if any of these items I'm teaching and consulting on could be of assistance in your business. I'm always open to a conversation. Hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to connecting with you at the Applied AI 2022 Conference and don't forget to use the iotweeklynews discount code during checkout!

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