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Welcome, readers to the latest issues of AIoT / IoT Weekly News! Thank you for your interest in Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the area in which they overlap called the Artificial Intelligence of Things ( AIoT ). As the world and technology change, these devices are going to be able to think program, reprogram, and adjust in real-time. I'm very excited to see what's ahead!

This past week I was in San Francisco for the 2022 TinyML Summit. It was an amazing event and I learned so much about what is going on in the area of machine learning at the edge. I will be posting my notes and thoughts through Recursive Awesome and other social media channels. Please connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter to learn more.

The Conversations on AppliedAI Podcast continues! We are publishing new episodes every other week. Please find us and subscribe today!

We have our next Applied AI Meetup this week on Sculpting Data for Machine Learning on April 7th. Register today! If you missed other events, subscribe to our AppliedAI YouTube Page as well!

Finally, I will be speaking on April 6th at the Boler College of Business on the Artificial Intelligence of Things. You can register here.

I hope you enjoy this issue and continue to join me in this journey of exploring and leveraging the power of the Internet of Things and Machine Learning. Enjoy!

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