Justin GrammensJustin Grammens

Welcome, AIoT/IoT Weekly News readers to issue 152, where we unpack the latest news and articles in the areas of IoT ( Internet of Things ) and how I see applications and value businesses and consumers gain from the data in AI/ML systems. This is now collectively being called the Artificial Intelligence of Things.

I'm excited to share that I've just released the latest episode of Conversations on AppliedAI Podcast where I sit down with AI and ML experts to discuss how these technologies are being applied in businesses today. This week we talk about Design Thinking and applications of MLOps and Machine Learning to solve business challenges.

If you are an organization that needs help in the areas of getting data from devices, products, and customers and then providing business value with Machine Learning, I can help! Please reach out and book a session with me.

On some other news this week, our team at Lab651 is looking for multiple roles as we are expanding into a number of new areas with our service offering and are looking for leaders to step up and join our organization.

Finally, I hope you enjoy this issue and continue to join me in this journey of exploring and leveraging the power of the Internet of Things and Machine Learning. Enjoy!

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