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I'm super excited to share with all of our readers, issue number 150 of the Artificial Intelligence / Internet of Things Newsletter! We've got another great list of hand-picked articles that we curated by me that involve all of the latest and greatest stories from this exciting area of technology.

First, just a quick note that I have published my latest Applied AI Podcast. I had the pleasure of speaking with Sabina Stanescu on Building Better Products Using Responsible AI and MLOps. This is one interview that you will NOT want to miss. Sabina is an expert in the areas of Data Science / ML and Product Management and she shares some very interesting perspectives on how AI is being applied to business problems - including the Internet of Things!

Also, keeping with the Artificial Intelligence theme, the Applied AI meetup group is meeting this Thursday, June 3rd. We will be talking about Prototyping Artificial Intelligence Models.

Finally, please join me this Thursday as I speak about AIoT at the MN Tech 2021. The topic of my presentation is What is the AIoT and Why Your Business Won't Survive Without It. Be sure to register today to access all the sessions at the conference!

I hope you enjoy this issue and continue to join me in this journey of exploring and leveraging the power of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Please contact me if you have any questions and if there are ways in which I can help your organization succeed when it comes to implementing this technology. I love to talk with people and learn free of charge!

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