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Welcome, IoT Weekly News Readers! We are excited to bring your our 143rd issue in which we cover all the latest in the areas of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning ( what is now becoming known as AIoT - the Artificial Intelligence of Things.

First, please be sure to take a listen to the latest podcast that I just released yesterday on AI, IoT and Production Agriculture. Amazing discussion on how IoT and AI are playing together when it comes to conservation of resources and farming. Subscribe to the podcast today!

Back to this issue. As we are starting 2021, I wanted to fill this issue with stats, stats, and stats! You'll notice a general theme regarding both stats back from 2017, 2020, and now where we are seeing tremendous growth in 2021. While I've been working in IoT, M2M, Remote Data Acquisition, Connected Devices for 10 years, 2021 is the most exciting as we are finally getting to a point where Artificial Intelligence is truly going to help IoT explode into all sort of markets. It's an amazing time to be a consultant in this intersection of AI and IoT and welcome conversations with any organizations that are looking to discuss their challenges with me and give my open and honest input. Reach out today and let's get a meeting on the calendar.

When it comes to IoT and data, please be sure to visit our sponsor ThingCloudApp and the Applied AI Meetup. We have a meetup coming up on March 4th where we'll talk about IoT and Machine Learning in the Wild.

I hope you enjoy this issue and all the stats, facts, and trends we are going to see in 2021!

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