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Hello IoT & AIoT Weekly News Readers!

Another exciting week in the areas of the Internet of Things and the Artificial Intelligence of Things. If you hadn't seen, Lab651 is putting on a free interactive webinar on How To Get Started With IoT that I suggest you attend if you are interested in how to get started with building connected products within your organization. Next, you'll notice the top story here is an article from wired.co.uk. Fascinating data on how data and AI is making an impact on many businesses across a variety of sectors. In fact, the article states, "This shift to data-led, AI-based decision-making could further accelerate another trend: equipment as a service."

Speaking of data and AI. Please be sure to attend our next Applied AI Meetup! It is on March 4th, 2021, and will be on Considerations for Machine Learning in the Wild. It will touch on a number of topics related to the intersection of AI and IoT / AIoT. I hope you can join me!

Finally, I have a new podcast out as well with Fatma Kocer on my Conversations on Applied AI Podcast! We talk all about how AI is used in designing physical products, design, and simulation. Amazing stuff that Fatma and the team is doing at Altair.

I hope you enjoy this issue and please connect if you would like to talk further about how AI and IoT will be impacting your business. I'm more than happy to share my knowledge and experience in the industry. You can easily book 30 minutes with me today. Until next week!

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