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Welcome, IoT Weekly News Readers! Today we are excited to publish issue #141. Filled to the top with all sorts of exciting and interesting products in the area of the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and a term that seems to be taking over by storm, "AIoT", that is the Artificial Intelligence of Things.

You notice a large portion of this issue is focused on CES 2021. While the conference is virtual this year, we believe it isn't holding companies back from showing off some really cool and interesting products in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. In fact, if you haven't checked it out, the digital venue is open until Feb 15th!

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, a quick reminder to attend our February AppliedAI Meetup on Executing on MLOps To Build AI Products. If you are deploying products in the cloud and want to learn how to bring them to production, this is a meeting you will definitely want to attend.

I'm also super excited that I'll be speaking at both Augsburg University and John Caroll in the coming month on the topics of Innovation, Machine Learning, and IoT. I'll be sharing more details as the days get closer for those that would like to attend.

Finally, please sure to check out my new podcast episodes. I'll be bringing in more and more speakers related to AIoT and in general real-time IoT data in the future. If you are doing interesting things in the field of IoT, please reach out to me. Enjoy!

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