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Welcome readers to Issue 140 of IoT Weekly News! I am super excited about what 2021 will bring to our industry and how the IoT will continue to change how businesses and consumers operate. I'm also blessed that you subscribe to this newsletter. Thank you for being a supporter and please reach out if there are any ways in which I can improve this publication or help others in this industry.

One quick note - back in the summer of 2020 I started a podcast called, Conversations on Applied AI. I'm happy to say I have more than 1000 listeners to the episodes that have been published and we are only getting stronger! While the podcast focuses on Artificial Intelligence, it has and will continue to weave in the Internet of Things. As such, I'm looking for more thought leaders to be on the podcast. If you are interested, please connect with me.

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, be sure to check out the very first article below, Andreessen Horowitz makes some great points on how we have reached a new era of "AL/MI inside" software. While all the articles in this issue are interesting, if there's one article you should read, that is the one.

I've tried to use this issue to focus on some of the more important stories from 2020 and predictions of what we might see in 2021. Thank you for being a loyal subscriber and I hope these issues continue to give you a quick way to access valuable and curated information when it comes to what is going in the areas of IoT/AI and ML. Enjoy!

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