Justin GrammensJustin Grammens

Fast networks, smart sensors and intelligent analytics provide a fundamental shift in what will be future of the Internet. As I follow the changes that are happing, I'm in some ways reminded of the way in which The Borg from Star Trek function as "drones of the collective". While I don't see these systems trying to assimilate others, I do see a collective system working together to provide information that complements what humans are doing in the physical world. Imagine if every person in the world was connected over a network to every other person in the world and could communicate with each other at any time! Imagine the possibilities that could be done to change the outcome in the world we live. These changes is what I see IoT eventually enabling. A fully scalable and world wide system that can perform tasks faster and with better precision than any other and communication happening between all nodes of the network. Once things are networked, the world will never be the same.

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Sam SchroederSam Schroeder

When we talk about the "Internet of Things" it's easy and fun to discuss the the devices, the "things", and all the interesting things they can do. ;) For industry the two most important things are to measure and record. Measure and record. Over. And over. And over again. Businesses need the data from the devices to see trends to make informed decisions. To see the efficiency of the production floor. To see stock levels in the warehouse. To see where the drivers are and if they're on time. To see the gas levels in the tanks. IoT can help companies see where they are and how they got there to gain clarity of vision to see where to go.

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