Justin GrammensJustin Grammens

This week is has been interesting in the Internet of Things space. There have been such a wide range of topics written it's hard to see the forest through the trees. As I look to broader trends, I continue to see the common themes of Security, Intelligent Networks and continued interests in Wearables and Home Automation. Additionally, while there is a lot of hype around the promise of IoT, there's a few articles in our issue to keep you grounded in what is real and what isn't. It's the variety that makes this an exciting time to be writing about IoT. The ecosystem is young and in many ways still being defined by not only large players, but many startups as well. Enjoy this issue!

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Sam SchroederSam Schroeder

Apple taught us "there's an app for that". Which is great when my device is my iPhone. But what if the device is my car, my washing machine, or even my door lock? Do I really need an app for that? What if my devices need to talk to each? Do they need to download an app? You can see where this is going. If the Internet of Things is going to gain wide adoption devices need to just work with people and other devices. Automatically. Two interesting ideas appeared this week attempting to address the "app" issue; Google's release of "The Physical Web" and Bitcoin's block chain. Both are interesting approaches and are samples of the innovation happening in the industry.

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