Justin GrammensJustin Grammens

In the IoT arena, wearables seemed to be all the range this past week. That is largely I'm guessing due to the recent Google's I/O conference and Apple's WWDC this week. The industry is closely watching the moves by these companies, along with Microsoft and Samsung as leaders in the space of consumer electronics. I personally however feel that the consumer won't be contributing much to IoT for a number of years. Why? Because IoT is a nice to havein the consumer market, not a must have as it is with a business. Sure, there will be some moderate improvements in Smart Home technology and controlling of certain devices with siloed solutions, but we are still very early and in a phase of technology growth that is being pushed by needing real business needs to keep it relevant. The old story of my toaster talking to my refrigerator is wearing extremely thin.

All of that aside, we have a few great DIY projects and the IoT Evolution event going on in Las Vegas in August you might want to consider checking out.

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