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The big news in wearables this week was the release of the Apple Watch. After months of promises and hype you can finally order yours! I expect there to be many complaints and frustrated users with deflated hopes after using the watch for the first time. As I've written about in past issues, the Wearables User Interface right up there with IoT in the Gartner Hype Cycle

This issue we'll focus most of the stories around consumer, wearables, a Kickstarter to help you build WiFi enabled stuff and videos on how to easily use Temboo to get data from the physical world to the cloud.

Finally, don't forget that the Arduino.MN Meetup and the MHTA Spring Conference are both coming up on May 7th. Checkout the events section of this issue below for 2 MakerFaires coming to the Twin Cities at the end of May as well!

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