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Woot! Welcome Applied AI Weekly Readers to Issue 177. I'm thrilled to once again share with you the most interesting articles I've found this past week on Artificial Intelligence. Before we go there, here are a few things to note:...

  • I'll be doing a virtual Workshop Wednesday on March 6th entitled Let's Learn LangChain!. Regardless of your background or technical level, if you've always wanted to learn more about LangChain and how it is revolutionizing the way applications work with Large Language Models, I hope you can join us!
  • I'm continuing to offer free consultation with many business leaders on how AI is changing the landscape of how you will run your business today and into the future. This can be everything from how I'm working on building chatbots, looking at open source LLMs, and how GPTs are changing how products are being developed from product management to software engineering. Connect today and book a meeting with me.
  • If YouTube and videos are more your jam, I now have AppliedAIWeekly on YouTube. In addition to publishing here, I will be recording each issue as a video.
  • The latest Conversation on Applied AI Podcast with Will Preble has dropped where we discussed among many things, creating heart-centered technology.
  • Finally, be sure to visit the AppliedAI.MN and Applied AI Spring Conference 2024 to register for all the upcoming events.

Now that we have that covered, please enjoy the articles that I have spent time finding and curating for you this past week. Reach out if there's anything you feel I might have missed. Enjoy!

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