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Welcome readers to another issue of the Applied AI Weekly Newsletter!

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Well, what's been going on this week in Artificial Intelligence? As usual. A LOT!

I read and absorb many, many articles each and every day to build this curated newsletter. Besides the usual, fear, uncertainty, and doubt about Artificial Intelligence being used improperly, business leaders are looking at how they can do one or both of the following.

  • How Might I Apply Artificial Intelligence in my Product or Service? - I'm speaking with companies about how they should be looking to bring a chatbot, additional APIs, features, and general useful features to their products that either weren't possible in the past (too expensive or time-consuming) or they now can have their product apply assistive technology to help areas where a human might have been a touchpoint, but now can be handled by AI.
  • How Might I Apply Artificial Intelligence WITHIN my Business? - These are areas where CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs are looking for increased efficiency and productivity with their own business. This involves surveying new tools for their back office applications in all departments: HR, Finance, Support, Sales, Engineering, and everywhere in between. They are looking at their business and seeing how they can have their own staff use AI, not as a replacement but as an assistive technology for their employees.

If you aren't thinking about this within your own business, you are falling behind as others in your industry are. If you are open to it, I'm more than happy to have a 30-minute meeting to connect with me and discuss your challenges further or take time to watch this video of myself on a panel with other industry leaders as we discuss applications of AI with business owners.

Hope you enjoy this issue. Oh, and before I forget the latest episode of the Conversations on Applied AI Podcast that I host has been published. In it, I talk with Corbin Fonville on the topic of Uncovering Many Uses of AI in Coding and Education.

Finally, keep your eyes open as I'll be speaking at the THAT Conference next week. My sessions will be on Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Models, and ChatGPT. Grab a ticket today and I hope to see you at the conference!

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