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Welcome Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things Weekly Readers!

This past week has been another one of exciting new things going on at the intersection of AI and IoT. Each day I'm reading and diving deeper into this world of more and more intelligent objects working their way into our lives. The world of business and our personal lives is truly is changing right before us. To this point, I have written a blog post on how to apply Machine Learning at the edge using TensorFlow Lite.

Come work with me! I'm actively looking to hire an Android Engineer to help our team a number of projects at Lab651. Do you have experience and are ready to step up and expand your experience? Besides Android Engineering, we have a number of other positions available as well. Apply today and to join the team at Lab651!

If you haven't yet signed up the Nvidia GTC 20201 is going on next week! Sessions are free and there looks to be some amazing presentations on a wide range of what's going on in AI. I'm totally stoked for this event and look for me to be covering some of the sessions and items I learn in future AIoT / IoT Weekly issues!

On other news, I'll be leading a panel on Emerging Technology and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the Minnesota Entrepreneur Kickoff. The title of the session is "Applying AI In New and Remarkable Ways". Register today!

Thanks again for subscribing to IoT / AIoT Weekly News and being a part of our community. I am truly blessed to be working in an area that I'm very passionate about and excited to learn about. If you want to continue to stay engaged with me and our community please attend an upcoming Meetup that I run, called Applied AI. We will be publishing our May 6th meetup soon.

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