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Welcome IoT Weekly News Readers to Issue 102!

We've got lots of great content to cover this week. Over the past few issues I've been seeing a lot more stories and data supporting this idea that the IoT is not going to be as big as everyone predicted or "is dead". I won't go into my thoughts here, but will be writing a blog posting on that subject in the coming weeks. Suffice to say, while there is some truth the statement that IoT is sputtering or declining, the fact is that the term, Internet of Things is not the end game. It's a generic term that we have all glommed onto to describe this new wave of computing. The fact that the name is going out of favor or predictions are off is not a signal of where we are heading with this technology. It's a fact: the world is becoming more connected. Take a detailed read at the headline story of this issue to learn more.

Other than that, lots of other fun stories on devices, Industrial IoT, a Kickstarter and a Connected Teddy Bear that was hacked. Hope you enjoy this issue and please tweet it to your followers!

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