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Welcome IoT Weekly News Readers!

This week I've decided to focus most of the issue on the data that is used in the Internet of Things. The IoT is going to open up all sorts of new insights into what is possible and with advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, an intelligent connected information system is going to be one step closer to reality.

Along those lines, I lead this issue with an Infographic that talks about the reality of what it means to have 20 billion devices connected and the power that can be harnessed.

Finally, I taught a seminar at the University of Minnesota last week in which there was some very lively discussion on the security aspects of the Internet of Things. I suggest you checkout some of the upcoming courses as a part of the Learning Life curriculum if technology is of importance to you and you are located in the Twin Cities. I'll likely be teaching more classes in the future and feel free to contact me if you are interested in a customized information session for your company.

Hope you enjoy this issue and please tweet it to your followers!

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