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Last week we learned about the acquisition of Revolv by Nest into the Works with Nest Program to help build out communication among IoT endpoint devices. Some of us might be aware of the Made for iPod program that Apple requires developers to join to build accessories for their devices. Nest is doing the same thing today, however with an even greater reach covering a much broader range of devices and vertical markets.

The operating systems of today are dying. They will become insignificant once all devices are connected. If you own this connection protocol, you effectively own an operating system of operating systems and that is powerful. Plan to see Google and many of the other large players spending massive amounts of resources in the coming years to try and own this space. This is the next big advancement of the Internet.

In this issue we share a list of other startups that have received funding, take a look at the history of IoT, learn about advances in energy harvesting, and checkout a unique wearable on Kickstarter!

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