Justin GrammensJustin Grammens

Welcome to another issue of IoT Weekly News!

This week we are focusing part of the issue on IoT Cybersecurity and Data Privacy. As a side note, IoT Fuse is hosting an amazing meetup on May 16th that I'll be running that is covering just these topics. If you live in the Twin Cities, please register today to join us for an evening of knowledge sharing and enlightenment on what laws are being put in place and what data providers should be doing when it comes to sensitive IoT data and security.

I also had an amazing time this past week leading a workshop on Controlling Your Own Destiny: IoT Using Open Source at our 5th Annual IoT Fuse Conference. Connect with me on LinkedIN if you are curious to learn more and how I can help you realize the power of Open Source when building your connected products.

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Until next issue - happy reading. Enjoy!

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