Justin GrammensJustin Grammens

Greetings IoT Weekly News readers!

We have a few exciting things to share this week. First, Lab 651 has announced training for the Internet of Things! This series of courses offers everything from executive coverage of the landscape of what's going on in the industry to hands on deep-dive training for you and your employees using sensors to capture and analyze data in the physical world.

Other hot newsworthy items this week include new technology that allows for antennas to by sprayed-on to materials, two very interesting articles in the Security section below and finally, an upcoming Kickstarter campaign that could extend the capabilities of modern connectivity technologies to turn every smartphone user into a node on a global mesh network.

Finally, it's still not too late to join our annual IoT Hackday where teams compete for 12 hours to create IoT products, have fun, make friends and build startups. This year we have $5000 in cash prizes available to win!

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